Country Boy

Adrian was born in Kimba, South Australia.  His father was a technician with SA Water and his mother was a business woman who owned and ran a guest house.  Adrian was brought up in the country and was taught the value of a work ethic, having to help in the guest house and operate the small farm which supplied milk and eggs for the guest house.

He met  a wide range of guests including five teachers who had a major influence on his life along with a range of displaced persons, and World War 2 refugees who taught him many valuable things, including playing chess.  It was during this time that Adrian, as a 6 year old, listened to a a visitor speak at his school on  one of the parables of  Jesus, the Sower and the Seed. He challenged Adrian personally to  be “the good seed”  and  multiply his life one hundred times - and this was to form the foundation of a vision for his life purpose.

Adrian excelled at school as well as the local sports competition of tennis in summer and football in winter.  He also enjoyed Boy Scouts and being in the youth group at the Methodist Church.  It was an idyllic life and ended when his parents’ marriage dissolved and the family moved to Adelaide for further education opportunities.


Adrian attended Unley High School then Adelaide Teachers College/University of Adelaide where he graduated with a BA degree and Diploma of Teaching.

Adrian taught Geography, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science in Secondary Schools in Whyalla, Mitchell Park, Thebarton and Adelaide.  During this time he met his wife Marie, married and raised a family of four children over the years.

He left teaching and spent three years as a Manager/Educational Officer in the Australian Department of Education.  He continued to study in a number of postgraduate areas and subsequently entered Higher Education teaching in an Art School (4 years), Teacher Education (4 years) and in Human Resource Development (10 years) after completing a doctorate in the USA.

During this time he commenced consulting part-time, set up several businesses and began employing a number of staff.  He realized as he undertook various large projects around Australia that the major issue in organizations was leadership.  He began looking for a way to influence CEOs and met Dr Phil Meddings, the CEO of The Executive Connection (TEC) who invited Adrian to start TEC in Adelaide in 1987.

Adrian worked part-time in Higher Education for a further two years and then resigned to focus on developing Geering Solutions Pty Ltd and TEC full-time.

The business expanded through employing staff and offering services in leadership development, business development and people development.  This was also the beginning of a relationship with TEC until the present day with Adrian establishing three groups,  being Regional Chair for 20 years and co‑ordinating and leading Chair Development in TEC for 13 years.

Writer and Speaker

During this time Adrian wrote a number of books, developed a 24-volume, HRD program, and created a Time Management video and training package. He  was asked by the Shell Company to design a strategic planning process for use in 110 wholesale fuel distributors and to develop a customer service training  and program with 10-videos and train facilitators to deliver this nationally around Australia.

Adrian also developed a number of speaking topics and presented Key note addresses and workshops at conferences.  He also spoke to TEC groups and trained TEC Chairs around Australia.  This led to him being invited on multiple occasions to Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand and Argentina to present courses to TEC Chairs and to speak to CEOs.


Adrian is interested in cycling, walking, pilates, reading, writing, music and is involved in a community group and church.  He is also a passionate fan of the 36ers Basketball team and has assisted them with strategy.

When not working Adrian spends time with his wife, Marie, his four children, five grandchildren and friends.

A poem written by Adrian about his life called "I am" can be found in Poems in The Blog.