Personal Profile

Personal strengths and style

Adrian Geering is a quality results-oriented, assertive, entrepreneurial leader.  He is focussed and unwavering in his desire to achieve, take charge and demonstrate strong leadership in challenging situations.  He is energetic, responds quickly and gets things done. His outgoing, naturally persuasive nature makes him a people-focussed person with a participative leadership style.

He promotes internal competition, sets genuinely challenging goals and lights a fire under his team to achieve outcomes.  He takes a strategic approach, actively delegates and gets buy-in through sharing his knowledge, promoting positive feedback and mentoring to encourage personal growth and empowerment.

He is a resourceful, influential problem solver who relies on his intuitive, creative abilities to make sound and right decisions.  He embraces opportunities to shape change and uses his innate sense of urgency to keep momentum going.  He is innovative, non-traditional, optimistic and influences teams to change positively.

Adrian is a creator of new processes, products and organisations and a change agent.  He inspires people to transform their lives, leadership and businesses.  He exerts a strong influence on all he comes into contact with and it is no surprise that he is a master of building referral cultures.  He challenges those whom he works with to go to the next level and achieve extraordinary things.

Specific Strengths

Some of Adrian’s specific strengths are:.


Adrian is an especially talented learner with a great desire to improve continuously.  He values education and scholarship and has a thirst for knowledge which has led him around the world to acquire specialist skills, expertise  and wisdom.  He regards learning as a journey and is continually acquiring new skills, proving by way of example that learning is a life-long pursuit.


Adrian is a productive, hard-working person with a zeal and stamina that defies his years. He is intense, diligent, earnest and action-oriented.  His enthusiasm sees him launch new projects with ease, always doing something better, more perfectly and more completely with excellence to completion.


He possesses an inner compass that gives him confidence in making decisions and leading others to undertake purposeful challenges, going from good to great.


He is eager to act as a creative catalyst and navigator in helping others to change and  as a provocateur in supporting and challenging leaders to  embrace innovative change.


Adrian focuses on his strengths to stimulate personal and group excellence, seeking to transform something strong into something superb.  He strives to honor everyone’s uniqueness and preferences.  He has a great capacity to foster a sense of community amongst diverse, strong leaders, growing a sense of unity and belief.

The secret that he has found himself is working on his own transformation—and act of continuing personal challenge. His  own transition and growth help others to become more successful by increasing their effectiveness and enhancing their lives.  This strength is the basis for creating and inculcating a culture in any group that he is responsible for and “to speak the truth in love”.    This is very evident in the group of 20 CEOs which he leads.