Adrian Geering honoured


Each year, management networking organisation, The Executive Connection (TEC) International, honours one group Chair with its highest accolade, the Donald Cope Award.  This year, for the first time in TEC1’s history, the award has gone to a non-American:  Dr Adrian Geering.

Adrian, the longest serving Chairman in Australia, established his first TEC group in South Australia in 1987.  He established a second group in April 1989.  Mr Richard Carr, CEO and President of TEC International said at the presentation ceremony (Irvine, California) in the presence of 430 Chairs from 14 countries that Dr Geering, while at the same time displaying his remarkable ability to keep his own groups full, has been a dedicated and passionate promoter of TEC who fostered the starting of new groups and coached new Chairs.  Not only that, he has served as a TEC speaker for 12 years all over the world including Australia, UK, Malaysia and USA; he has facilitated workshops at national and international TEC conferences; and has developed learning materials which are used internationally by TEC Chairs.

TEC has 8,500 members in 14 countries including USA, Canada, Australia and UK.  TEC in Australia started in 1986 and has more than 700 members nationally.

The honour is well timed, coming on the heels of Adrian’s latest publishing effort, “Business Diagnostics:  evaluate and grow your business”, in collaboration with Canadians, Richard Mimick and Michael Thompson.