Five Questions To Ask Yourself


In my first blog 'How to Optimise your Life' I suggested that the best way to do this was through defining clearly what your want your life to be. One way of doing this is to ask yourself questions – not any questions but the most important questions. Why do this? Because when a wise person asks you a question, half the answer is in the question. Questions also cause you to reflect and think about the deeper answers related to life that can help you transform your life.

My desire has always been to have a life of intentional choice. Asking yourself the most important questions could in turn lead you to change your life, to be in control of your life, and enable you to be in the driver's seat rather than taking a passive back-seat position. This inevitably results in going on someone else's journey and not your own which may cause you to feel disempowered and reactionary.

I have listed five important questions below for you to consider and have summarised each of these five questions with an acronym HOPES. I have also included a life changing affirmation for you to say as you repeat the questions daily .

These questions are about your story and are designed to help you make a transition in your life. They will encourage you to reflect on your wisdom gained so far. Also, to have a sense of gratitude and reality. Gratitude in what is good about your life. Reality is a touchstone to assess what is missing, what needs changing and what is happening in each area of your life.

1. What is my hope?

Hope is about looking with expectation and desire. This question is about the purpose of your life, why am I here? What is my legacy? What is my reason for being?

Affirmation: I am clear about my purpose.

2. What do I want my outcomes to be?

Outcomes are what you want to achieve. What are my gifts and talents? How can I express these at work? What is the specific skill, knowledge, attitudes that I need to develop further? What fulfilment do I get at work? What new job, new business could I create? What do I really want to achieve?

Affirmation: I achieve my destiny.

3. What am I passionate about?

Passion is what you care about deeply. What do I care deeply about? How well can I express this in my current role? How balanced am I? What new opportunities do I need to look for? How clear is my calling?

Affirmation: I am clear about my life calling.

4. Who am I in my self?

I am who, is your essence in yourself. What is the foundation of my life? What is my view of death and life? Who are my spiritual teachers and mentors? How much am I focussed on being versus doing? How present am I in each moment? What is my story? How wise am I?

Affirmation: I am a genius and I implement with wisdom.

5. What is my strategy to identify where I belong?

This is about finding my place in the world. Where do I live? What communities do I belong to? What do I love? Where should I live to do what I love? How well do I plan my life to do what I love?

Affirmation: I do what I love and naturally attract others to do it with me

So there you have it – five great questions and many others to help you to gain clarity.