How To Optimise Your Life


Is it worth it? Is the challenge of working 6-7 days a week worth it? Is the consuming desire to maximise your life, to be successful, worth the incredible stress and pressure it invariably brings to you and others? Is the price you are paying worth it? What does maximise mean?

To maximise means „to pursue the greater possibly quantity, increase or magnify to the highest possible degree.‟. To some maximising becomes an obsession and as a result they want more and more and may not be grateful for what they have. Yet the truth is that less is more. Is there a better way?

I was talking with my wife Marie today when she picked up a book on my desk and read the title out: „Claiming Your Place At The Fire.‟ She went on to say, “Adrian, we all need to make sure that it is the right fire for us”. The truth is that fire is both beneficial and destructiveSo what is the right fire? Maximising our lives focussed on quantity or is there another fire that will be a better way? Optimising our lives for quality.. What does this mean?

Optimising your life means to make the most effective use of it. This means to apply focus, restraint and balance to what it is you want to achieve in your life – a more qualitative focus.The first step in this process is to define clearly what you want your life to be.

There are many ways to define your life and it is critical for you to do this if you want to optimise your life and not be caught in the activity trap, running on a treadmill and never making progress. Or your life may be like sitting in a rocking chair rocking – it takes a lot of energy but you don‟t get anywhere.

Once you have attained clarity, then you need to take action based on a clear set of long term life goals, short term goals, one year goals and 90 day action plans with a strong accountability process. If you choose not to do this, then the consequences may be that you end up doing someone else‟s goals.In my experience of 25 years of coaching and mentoring leaders, very few people make progress unless this way forward is in place because the „noise‟ in the environment distracts, seduces and side tracks them.

In forthcoming posts we will explore the five things to ask yourself to get clarity.