I Am


I am from Ted and Gert

From English and German grandparents

Brave pioneers around Kimba

Eyre Peninsula in semi arid South Australia

A land of rugged beauty – hills and trees

A child's great treasure to be able to run free

A land of thunder and lightning, wheat and sheep

A place of quietness, fresh smelling rain and an easy sleep

Swirling wurly wurlies, red choking dust and flies

A place to wander free, ride your bike, swim in a dam and watch with your eyes

For snakes, lizards, goannas and crows

And creepy crawlies that could get up your nose

From growing up in a business in hospitality and later retailing

And learning life skills of working hard and finishing a task without complaining

Everyday being a rich interaction with people from all walks of life

Who taught me about travel, playing chess and to live without strife

To experiment, create, observe and look

To learn from others and not just a book

To serve and help others with a smile

And to see that nothing is servile

I am from a religious heritage Lutheran and Methodist

Who taught me to love God and others with trust

I am from a wonderful family with four children ,five grandchildren and a loving wife

I am from a family that loves animals, trees, dogs and has  faced death twice,

That spends much time together visiting the zoo

And enjoying the ocean at Middleton and the view

I am from a rich heritage of influencing leaders and teaching from the heart

From a  place where nothing is impossible and there is everything to impart

And learning to see the purpose in every day

Of being present and enough as I journey on the way

Of overcoming resistance asking the right questions to inspire

Of learning to let go, to take on and keep other' feet to the fire

Continuing to enjoy the journey, take more risks and to have more fun

Leaving a rich heritage in the lives of others as though I had just begun

Viewing my life as a work in process guided from above

Receiving each opportunity and challenge with gratitude and love