Life Launch: A Personal Guide to the rest of your Life


Author: Frederick Hudson and Pamela McLean
Publisher: The Hudson Institute Press
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 1-884433-84-7

This book is about life transitions beginning new chapters with intention, design and plan. The book is composed of 10 chapters and three sections: Prepare to journey ahead; Consult your compass and follow these maps; and Launch the next chapter of my life.

In section 1, Prepare to journey ahead, the focus is proactive planning, managing uncertainty and examining the old paradigm versus the new paradigm. Section 2, Consult your compass and follow these maps, presents five coaching maps which you can use in your life.

Map 1, composing your life, chapters and transitions, present a four-fold renewal cycle. This map will help you discover how to tap the cycle of change to design the rest of your life.

Map 2 is about choosing a deliberate life, living with passion and purpose. This map helps you to define your six adult passions: personal mastery; achievement; intimacy; play and creation; search for meaning; and compassion and contribution.

Map 3 is about balancing the various parts of your life activities, roles and achievements.

Map 4 describes the general themes, issues and callings of adults throughout the life cycle from age 20 to age 90.

Map 5 describes the adult learning agenda and becoming the best that you can be.

Section 3 considers how you can launch the next chapter of your life through planning and staying renewed.

This is an excellent book offering relevancy to coaches and mentors and anyone “stuck” on the journey- highly recommended.