Secrets of Successful CEOs


As the CEO of a Small Medium Enterprise (SME), have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • What does it take to run a successful business?
  • How can I be a successful leader as a CEO?
  • Do I have a balanced life?

Dr Adrian Geering, an international mentor and business advisor from Australia, reveals answers to these questions in an exciting new business book, “Secrets of Successful CEOs – Insights into life, leadership and business”.  This extraordinary business book featuring about 20 Australian CEOs from SMEs is designed to inform, inspire and enrich.

The world of business has changed dramatically in the past few years as a result of 9/11, rising oil prices, increasing global competition, severe staffing shortages, the looming Baby Boomer exodus, the changing attitudes of Generations X and Y, multicultural conflict and the rate of technological change.  These accelerating changes create an environment of considerable stress and pressure.

Many current day CEOs of SMEs have struggled to deal effectively with prevailing issues such as constant pressure for immediate responses and results generated by being accessible 24/7 via email, mobile phones and texting; the pressure to perform in an increasingly competitive marketplace; and the increasing cost of doing business because of labour scarcity, cost of raw materials and other business inputs.  These all exacerbate ongoing demands and excessive pressure, as well as increased uncertainty and unpredictability.

On a daily basis, CEOs not only deal with the external business environment, but also the internal challenges of staff, business development and profitability.  Concurrently, they are the leader and mentor, the trainer, teacher, facilitator and coach of their team who must ooze strategy and innovation at every corner.  They also have to deal with personal issues of purpose, health, wealth creation, family, fulfilment and community.

“Secrets of Successful CEOs” highlights CEOs who have not only survived in this difficult yet incredibly rewarding task, but thrived.

Topics covered include:  leadership, accountability, strategy, management, teamwork, company capability, succession planning, life balance, mentoring, implementation, personal effectiveness, and managing change.  This book is particularly easy to read, with each chapter divided into sections, including discussion questions.

In “Secrets of Successful CEOs” Adrian shows he is an accomplished mentor who is prepared to challenge a CEO’s paradigm about business, life, leadership, personal development and success.  It is difficult not to be inspired when Adrian speaks about his thoughts on life and business, learned over many years helping CEOs leverage and transform their lives.  His commitment and passion for mentoring was acknowledged in 2003 when he was named the World’s Best Chairman by TEC International.

“The most compelling thing I have found throughout my research and experience is that the CEO role is about leadership and helping people become effective leaders”, says Adrian.  “Leadership development, in its greatest and simplest element, is personal development.  The one who would lead a company must grow as a leader, grow as an individual, grow their understanding of business, and grow their effectiveness in business.”

CEOs featured in the book, all mentored by Adrian, reveal the lessons they have learned on the job, their approach as a CEO, their advice to others and offer personal details about work/life balance.

The success of the best leaders is the undeniable result of having incredible passion and commitment to service and clients combined with the right internal capabilities in the business, including growth percentage, return on capital employed, growth of shareholder value and cash flow.

In essence, Adrian’s mentoring experience and message is all about challenging the traditional belief systems people hold, particularly CEOs, in order to unlock and harness the potential of their lives, achieve greatness as a leader and to facilitate the leverage of their businesses.  Asking the question “What type of future do you want to create?” Adrian has enabled successful CEOs to move on to greater heights.