CEO Thought Leadership

Adrian is a pioneer in the field of CEO thought leadership

Most companies aim to develop a sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) so that they can win for today and build for tomorrow. In the past, there has been a focus on customer service, quality, and ensuring good working conditions, satisfaction and career paths for staff (being an employer of choice). These criteria no longer differentiate companies in the market place. So what could be a new SCA?

From the writer’s perspective, based on 25 years of mentoring, coaching, leading and working with CEOs of small, medium and large companies, there are two major areas to focus on when developing a SCA: multiplying leadership and developing a living, evolving culture based on life values. The writer has observed that the major issue for most companies is to select, identify, develop, train, teach, reward and retain potential leaders.

Culture is a product of leadership and thus there is a need to develop leadership. The major problem related to this is a need to have a standard ongoing long-term process to facilitate leadership development in order to enable the company to perform into the future. This implies that there is a need to have several long-term programs which have been intentionally designed and implemented. Such programs leave residual intellectual property in the organization, identify and train resident in-house facilitators and ensure the present organization is retained to provide high quality, research based, proven field-based material, ongoing results and improvement through feedback, research and development.

There is a four-stage program which we have developed to implement a long term leadership multiplication strategy including:

  • Secrets of CEOs (SOCs) package;
  • The Leadership Journey Package;
  • The Leadership Champion’s Package;
  • The Leadership Forum.

These four programs represent a long-term systematic approach to developing leaders and teaching them to teach others.

From the writer’s experience, there are no silver bullets, no quick fixes, and no instant successes. Instead change is continuous and successful when it is planned, implemented, followed up and continued in a systematic way for a long period of time.

These four programs can be implemented over four years and then continue to be conducted each year, or when necessary, to ensure the ongoing learning of your top team and the teaching of the next generation of leaders who will in turn teach the next generation.

Multiplying Leaders

  • Facilitation of top teams in development of team effectiveness
  • Facilitation of strategic thinking
  • Implementing leadership multiplication