5 secrets of successful leaders

Based on the research of his two books, “Secrets of Successful CEOs” and “Lessons on Leadership and Business”, Adrian has identified five important factors in being a successful leader.


This speech will not only help you to get the most out of every day, it will inspire you to set a vision for your leadership and to determine what you need to do to invent, achieve and leverage your goals and optimise your time and learning.

Session outline

Uncover your ideas about your leadership and how your lack of vision can limit your effectiveness. Understand how learning and development can dramatically impact your performance. Explore how you need to practice persistence and lead by example to achieve greater leadership outcomes. Understand what the impact of thinking and speaking can have and what to do about it. Get a very clear picture of leadership and how to overcome five universal fears.


This topic will help you to understand the secrets of enhancing and leveraging your leadership. It will help you to re-energise yourself and to work out how to maintain this each day.