Adrian’s Blog – Introduction to Blog

This blog consists of my reflections and insights as a ‘leader of leaders’ in terms of their business, leadership and life. It is also based on the accumulated research, experience, presentations of many years and traveling around the globe, focused on life, leadership and business.

This blog is written also from the framework of high level mentoring and coaching of CEOs and leaders since 1987 (over 15,000 hours) and facilitating change, strategy, CEO and top team development, and leadership effectiveness (over 1,000 days). In addition, this blog is based on external research insights gained from formal academic study, writing four books, numerous articles, producing numerous CDs and DVDs, and experience as a coach, mentor, strategic consultant, facilitator, speaker and presenter to CEOs and leaders  world-wide in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Malaysia, UK, USA, Canada and Argentina.

In addition, I am Chairman and leader of a mastermind group for CEOs through The Executive Connections (TEC) which I established in 1987 in Adelaide, South Australia. Every month I lead a full day meeting with these 20 high performing CEOs (representing $5 Billion in sales and employing 29,000 staff) and meeting monthly with each of them for confidential coaching sessions – as a result members tell me they make better decisions, get better results and become better persons and leaders.

I help people to optimise their lives.

Optimize: to make the best or most of; develop to the utmost; to make the most effective use of something. This means focus, development, effectiveness, restraint and balance achieved through clarity.

Positioning statement: asking great questions to optimize your life asa leader.

My Purpose: To help people to discover, develop and release their potential to optimise their leadership and their lives.

My Vision: To be the best at helping people optimise their leadership and their lives.


Freedom: Power to stand alone, make choices and take responsibility.

Integrity: Honesty, sincerity and able to be trusted.

Respect: Treating people as they would like to be treated with regard, honour and esteem.

Empathy: Deep, interest, care, love and understanding of others.

Excellence: Doing the best that can be done and continually improving.

How do I help people optimise their lives, leadership and business? The answer is twofold--through his identified strengths  and using the seven modes of learning -- speaking and writing; coaching and training; mentoring and facilitating; and consulting when necessary. I have invested a lifetime of significant learning and experience in leaders, developing skills and experience in these seven modes as well as producing numerous books, articles, CDs, DVDs and presentations.

My  focus is on customisation for every individual and organisation, born out  of the deep interest, care and love for the people I work with.  As one leader wrote recently “The wonderful thing about you Adrian is the deep interest and love you have of the people you work with…This is one of your strong points along with the incredible knowledge, intelligence, and experience in history you have with leaders.”