Keynote Speaker

Adrian Geering is well qualified academically and holds a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Teaching, Bachelor of Education from the University of Adelaide; a Diploma of Educational Administration and a Master of Educational Administration from the University of New England. He completed a Doctorate in Administration and Adult Learning from the University of Nebraska in 1979 and 1980, as well as, undertaking consulting in the USA.

He has been a featured speaker at national and international conferences of Education, Training and Development in Canada, USA and Australia.

He has been a frequent speaker at various professional, business and voluntary organisations across Australia in a variety of subject areas.

He has presented as a speaker to CEOs, in Malaysia (3 times), UK (3 times), Canada (2 times), Argentina, USA and in Australia since 1994. He also has an association with Thought Leaders in Australia and presented at their national conference.

He has presented at the International Chair Conference of The Executive Connection (TEC) in the USA on many occasions since 1994.

From 1991-1997 he was Teaching Leader for Bible Study International in South Australia and spoke weekly to over 120 members and trained a leadership team of 15 weekly.

Dr Geering is available to speak for 30 – 90 minutes at major conferences, seminars and gatherings on the following topics:

  • Mastering the Business Secrets of Successful CEOs
  • Mastering the Leadership Secrets of Successful CEOs
  • Mastering the Life Secrets of Successful CEOs
  • Business Diagnostics - how to evaluate and grow your business
  • Leveraging your life leadership and business.