Published Work: Secrets Of Successful CEOs

Secrets Of Successful CEOs
Adrian Geering - $34.95

Are you ready for a mind shift? Are you ready to start thinking like a successful CEO and reap the rewards on offer?

Successful CEOs have the potential to impact individuals, transform companies and influence nations. Secrets of Successful CEOs is a powerful insight into 20 Australian CEOs at the top of their game, covering everything from strategy, management and global growth, to dealing with failure and handling the work–life balance.

Through international mentor and business coach Adrian Geering, step inside CEO minds to:

  • Learn about their companies and personal roles
  • Hear their insights on leadership, management, company culture and growth; and
  • Discover their tips on leveraging yourself for sustained success.

This book is full of wisdom, great suggestions and insightful tips, and reveals how you too can increase the quality of your life without compromising the profitability of your business in a global economy.

Here's what AIM had to say:

BEST BUY: A powerful new business book revealing the secrets and insights of 20 leading Australian CEOs as told by author Adrian Geering. Hear of the mistakes they made, the successes they enjoyed and the obstacles they overcame to create truly amazing companies. In Secrets of successful CEOs, international mentor and business coach Geering gives readers an insider’s view into the lives and thinking of CEOs of business both large and small. Thanks to the text’s conversational approach, this book will inform, inspire and enrich every person it reaches.